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From your first home to expanding your property investment portfolio, RIMa Properties was established to provide the residents of RI and Ma with a unique formula for success.  Let us show you how we couple our extensive experience with affordability to exceed your expectations and achieve the success you envision.

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RIMa Properties

Our mission is to deliver the dream of Prosperity and Independence that begins with Real Estate Ownership. 

What sets us apart is we are experts with decades of experience not only in the buying and selling of homes but as commercial and investment property owners and portfolio builders.  We can guide you on any Real Estate journey.  

We believe that Success is a Duty.  YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR DUTY.  Anything less than utilizing our full potential to achieve your success is not only unacceptable to us, but unethical.  We want to win at what we do, and we do all we can to help our customers, agents and employees build wealth through Real Estate. We succeed because we will not allow you to fail.  We love to work with people who are passionate and driven to work harder than the rest while giving back to their communities.

If you are a buyer or seller who lives in RI or Ma or you are looking to relocate in either state, call us.  We can help.  We specialize in Newport County, Rhode Island; most notably Portsmouth and Middletown.  We also specialize in investment and commercial properties in all locations throughout RI and Ma.  We know that real estate is one of the largest and most exciting investments one can make. We are here to make sure that your journey toward success and independence is a fun and rewarding one!  Our website is geared toward many local areas and surrounding communities but your search capabilities extend to the entirety of both states.  We are specialists and we would be happy to help you with all of your real estate needs!

Throughout our website you will find many useful tools to assist with buying or selling a property. We are dedicated to providing the finest service available, and our website can be a great resource for you to use free! Make sure to bookmark our website for future use.

Are you looking to Buy a Home?
We will take the time to listen to your needs and desires.  Your future is paramount.  Please fill out our request forms so we can help you in detail!

Are you trying to Sell your Home? We are licensed Real Estate Specialists, we know our markets inside and out, and will do our best to make sure you receive top dollar for your home or investment property.  

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Buying a home is a long and difficult process, I can help you decide on what to look out for in the ever so changing real estate market.

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Selling your home can be challenging, I can help you decide what to do in order to make the process go as smooth as possible.

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Please answer any of our Property Request Forms, and we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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Our Easy-to-use mortgage calculator helps you calculate payments, know how much your monthly payment is for your mortgage.

The Value of RIMa Properties...

Your success comes first.  Not Commissions.  We believe that a Real Estate Agent/Broker is invaluable to the process of buying and selling homes and investment properties.  We also understand that your vision of value is paramount.  We want you to feel that you have achieved the best value for your hard earned money by choosing RIMa Properties.  That is why we provide exceptional savings with regard to commissions and work with you to find the balance of service and cost that best suites your vision of success.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in our area, you’ve come to the right place! Knowing the unique communities of RI and Ma as we do, is an important aspect when choosing someone to work with, and we will deliver you results! We will give you the guidance and support that is needed throughout your entire buying or selling experience.